Blackstone ProSeries 2 Burner 28″ Outdoor Cabinet


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Griddle up a feast like a pro with the Blackstone ProSeries 2 Burner 28″ Propane Griddle with Cabinet and Hood. Built-in hood for steaming, smoking, and cleanliness. Have everything you need at a single cooking station to save trips back inside or to the car. Hang your grilling tools on one side shelf with hooks and a magnetic bar, while using the opposite side to hold paper towels and a waste bag. Store a gas tank and other safe items under the griddle in an enclosed area. Pair this griddle with other pieces from the Blackstone ProSeries collection or any professional Blackstone griddling tools to enhance your griddling experience.

  • Two stainless-steel, H-shaped burners
  • Magnetic bar for placing metal cookware
  • Side shelf hooks for hanging cookware
  • Paper towel holder
  • Trash bag holder
  • Enclosed storage space for gas tank (Tank sold separately)
  • Functional cabinet doors
  • Sturdy, spacious prep shelves
  • Rolled steel griddle surface
  • Season griddle per owner manual instructions prior to use
  • Model #2007


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